What happens when something changes the normal development? 

It is well know that early environmental changes as well as mutated genes in humans can cause sever impairments of social behaviour. We have shown, for instance, that really drunk zebrafish (fish that have been acutely exposed to high levels of EtOH) show a decrease of social preference (Dreosti et al. 2015)

We want to understand what are the factors and genes that can specifically affect the developing of the social preference circuit of zebrafish, and how they act together. We are using our behavioural assay to identify treated or mutant fish that have a decrease or increase in their social preference. We are collaborating with other labs that have generated mutants for interesting genes (Steve Wilson, Jason Rihel, Ellen Hoffman).


Social preference assay to study social preference in juvenile efish


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If you have any interesting mutant that you would like to be screened in our assay please send us an email( button).